Trenchless, Cured-in-place Pipe Lining

Pipe lining can replace pipes without digging up the walls, floors, driveways or landscaping.  The pipe lining process inserts a pipe withing the old pipe, typically from a rooftop or outside the building where the sewer lateral comes out under the building on the way to the sewer main line.  Sewer mains can also be relined, in their entirety, or in smaller sections.


The pipe lining technician will install the cured-in-place (CIPP) typically from one access point, and then it will harden quickly to provide you with a new pipe!

There are many types of pipe lining materials and processes.  Some are structural providing you with a thick and strong inserted pipe to replace the damaged pipe, others are epoxy pipe coatings that harden to create a seal within the damaged pipe.  Different materials and epoxies are used for different reasons such as the pH and temperature of the material moving in the pipe, or the type of damage to the pipe.

With cutting edge video technology, we’re able to locate the source and issue with your pipe(s) and determine which process and materials should be used to solve your problem.