"We really appreciated the professionalism and speed at which his team got us back up and running. "

To whom it may concern,

We had been having sewer blockages since we purchased our home in Spring 2006, with sewage coming in through a clean out/access point in our garage. This was new to me, so I called Roto‐Rooter to investigate. The Roto‐Rooter tech cleared the line and removed tree roots, which had breached their way in. One of the solutions was to replace the line and trap, which meant bringing in some kind of backhoe/digger and replacing the trap at the sidewalk and replacing the sewer line (which would in turn potentially destroy a new stone retaining wall and landscaping I had invested my time and money in). I decided to hold off as I felt that the clean out should buy me some time.

About 2 years later, the same problem occurred with sewage in the garage, which was again, the result of tree roots growing back and blocking the line. Again, we called Roto‐Rooter to clean us out. We went on this way 1‐2 more times (about 2‐3 yrs apart), with cleaning out the line, until recently when this happened again end of February2015. We decided not to put good money towards temporary band aids, and instead, fix it permanently.

My wife and I did some research into sewage line repair and found SDR. Tim and his associate came to the house the next day to assess the  situation. They scoped the line and it was reiterated that tree roots were the result, as a matter of fact, every joint of the sewer line had become breached. The videoscope had opened up the blockage allowing us to temporarily use our water/toilet/laundry until Tim’s crew could return to do the repair. Due to the configuration of our plumbing, in order to be successful, it was determined that they would need to dig a hole in our unfinished basement to access the sewer line. We were of course a bit skeptical about the invasive nature of the solution, but it was better than destroying the front of our property.

His 3‐man team came a few days later with a van packed with equipment. They worked for 8 hours on the first day and then about 5 hours  the next day, including clean up. His team was very neat and clean, putting down tarps and plastic so as to contain all dirt. They kept us informed the entire way about their time‐table and any obstacles they came to. It seemed as though days went by, but it was really only a day and a half!

Coincidentally, at the exact same time, my neighbor had theirs repaired, using the backhoe method (due to their sewer line configuration being bent at a 45 degree angle), and in turn cost almost double what we spent!!

Tim gave us a fair quote and was able to work with us on payment terms. We really appreciated the professionalism and speed at which his team got us back up and running. We were extremely happy we were able to use DSG’s trenchless approach/technological solution and strongly encourage you give them a chance to assess your situation.


David M
Resident, Philadelphia, Pa

"guys are a huge asset to the company"

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your help.  The swift response made it easy and essential to get the job that was done as quickly as possible.  Robert and Louis were a wonder team.  Their expertise made the job go very smoothly. You and the guys are a huge asset to the company.  I will keep in touch if I need anything else.

Thanks again,
Stephen and Maria Trombetta

Stephen & Maria Trombetta

"They are a hard working team and did a great job"

The Trenchless Team were super easy to deal with.  They were friendly and patiently answered the dozens of questions we had.  They are a hard working team and did a great job.  I wold definitely recommend them to anyone for a job big or small.

Michael & Rivky Goldin

"Thanks again for a job well done"

Dear Mr Hawkins,

On bahalf of Greene ountry Department of Recreation, I would like to extend my sincere thank for your expertise in handling our problem wiht the crack in the pipe under our water park.  Your prompt, reliable service kept us from having to dig up a big section of the newly built water park.  Thanks again for a job well done.


J Allen "Jake" Blaker
Direction of Recreation

J. Allen "Jake" Baker
County of Greene Dept. Of Recreation

"saved them the expense of relocating offices and classrooms,"

Thank you for all the help with the re-lining job at the Hazleton Penn State University Campus.  They were very impressed with the cured-inplace pipe system and how it saved them the expense of relocating offices and classrooms, no less the expense for excavation and restoration that would be needed for a conventional repair.  I look forward to doing more business with your and your company.


Thanks you,

John L. Ravina

John Ravina
Penn State Hazleton

"It was a pleasure to deal with you..."


Please thank Tim for the great service provided at 102 Fort De France, Toms River. Tim advised one more cleaning next fall and we will certainly schedule that.

It was really a pleasure to deal with you, Tim and his crew.  I will definitely recommend your company.